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  • SALASUSU Brand

    SALASUSU is a lifestyle brand made in Cambodia. All items are simple & modern, so that they can accompany you both in daily life and on your special journeys.
    Each product is stamped with a craft person’s name to provide transparency. We encourage you to come to our factory with your SALASUSU product to visit the woman who made your product.
    Enjoy your life journey with SALASUSU.

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  • Holiday by SALASUSU

    Take a piece of Cambodia's positivity home with you to inspire your everyday life. Let the holiday spirit continue when you return home.

    Cambodia is beautiful, colorful and rich in positive energy. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green and Blue, celebrate every encounter, remember every touch. Every day in Cambodia, Life becomes so simple, but so colorful! Let the colors of Cambodia infuse your holiday, Let the positive energy of Cambodia accompany you through life.

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Who made your Product

In a small factory in a Cambodian village, a team of women carefully create each product by hand. Women are students of the school 'SALA,' as well as working as producers to earn a living. They learn handicrafts while they receive life skills training. In the factory they say 'SUSU' which means 'cheer up!' to motivate each other to do their best in production and in school. SALASUSU's factory is a place of learning that believes in the bright futures of its producers.

Meet Your Craftspersons

Encourage together through handictaft - watch a video here -